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Originally Posted by ant1999e View Post
1. The greatest thing about God is faith. I'm sorry if you can't understand that.
2. I agree that as long as it is within a certain amount of time. I don't like people pushing their beliefs on me (gun control) and don't push mine on others. After a certain amount of time it's a moral, not religious issue.
Well I happen to believe in God myself but I'm looking at it from a logical view, not a faith based view. I can't prove God does exist and I can't prove a soul is real. Some people say they have felt God or that they know for sure they have a soul but that's just their own minds reasoning of what their brain is feeling. Absolutely believing in God is 100% faith. But I also don't think God and politics mix all that well. You HAVE to understand that some people don't believe in God and you can't force them to. If a woman who is pregnant that does not believe in God, you can't tell her that at conception she has a soul living in her and can't have an abortion or it's against the law. If God intended on sending another soul to earth for life, I think he would not send one to a woman who is going to have an abortion, what would be the point. I don't think an intelligent being like God would send a soul down to earth and then the woman aborts and God goes oops, welcome back to heaven little guy. Cmon. If you're looking at this from a spiritual view, it only makes sense to me that a soul would become alive at birth. But I do get your point on the moral issue. I think that's why I would support a certain time limit to have the abortion, for any reason, but afterwards only if harm was going to cost the mother serious injury or death. What's that time limit, who knows, maybe when the baby has a sex. Works for me.
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