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CJ Anderson!

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Remember... NFL people will never admit they are wrong... Tebow was never supposed to be a QB for the Jets... just a wildcat QB.

The Jets were incredibly desperate for any kind of offensive weapons... he was used more as a diversion than anything.

If Tebow comes in and lights it up then they look bad for not playing him over Sanchez and their Sanchez investment is wrecked even more.

It's the same reason the Broncos made Tebow look back to protect Orton early on. They wouldn't even use him as a wildcat with Orton.
Don't they look bad enough for starting a 3rd stringer over both guys?

What is the difference? They knew what they had in Tebow and they wanted to see what they had out of what'shisname3rdstringer. Either way they are losing.

Can NFL teams make a trade to a CFL team? That is the only way they unload their bust.

Elway trading Tebow for a 4th is almost as big a trade as Portis for Bailey and and 2nd! We are lucky we got anything back for a Punt Protector/gadget player.
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