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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
You're doing it again.. meaningless numbers in losses.

I said why Cam looked better.. he had a better offense around him and Tebow had a better D. Both were terrible teams.. Tebow led his to success cam didn't...

They tried to use Cam like Tebow this season and he played WORSE not better. They thought for sure if they followed the Tebow formula that Cam would do even better and he was worse.

Just like everyone assumed Peyton would be better than Tebow..
Your the one who conviently forget that Tebow got blown out by the Pats last year (I am talking about the Divisional Blowout not the 1st regular humiliation) and keep talking up the Steeler game.

Newton and Kapernick are better at being Tebow than Tebow is, he is going to find himself up playing for the Argonauts or Alloutes(sp?). Not because he is being run out of the NFL but because he sucks and no one wants to waste their time trying to figure out an offense simple enough for him to run.

When a 2 win team who cannot sell out their stadium isn't desperate enough to bring him in for pennies to fill the stands you know your guy is a bust.
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