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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
no the hell there isn't. if the CB doesn't get roasted in coverage and allow the Jones to get 6 yards away then Moore's bad play on the ball is moot and we win that game.
Watch the play again. He didn't get roasted. He was clearly playing a zone and "dropped" coverage expecting the help over top. He got the help, but the help played the ball wrong and here we are.

Well Revis would NO DOUBT be an instant upgrade on this defense. But I think his cost would mean that you would not be looking at any FA MLB's or DT's that are really high end. I can't say it would be a bad move either because the dude is only 27 and he is a very well rounded CB, much like Champ in his prime. In a few years Champ will be gone and we would still have this guy. If we landed him, wow, that would be a nice secondary as far as your CB's go. Champ, Revis and Harris playing the nickel. Still would hope to get 1 good safety to go along with them and hopefully we could find a decent MLB and DT. Maybe if Revis wanted a real shot at a few rings with Manning he could be traded here and restructure the contract.
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