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Eric crouch could throw before NFL people too. Same with Gino Torretta. As Ryan Leaf. Jamarcus. Vince young. Face it, you're argument looks like a big bag of mashed up azzholes. Keep clinging to college success hoping it translates to the NFL
What do you expect to happen when you take a player and change everything about the way they play and put them in a system that they have never played in on a TERRIBLE team with terrible coaches and weak players?

Look at guys like Cam and RGIII etc... they these guys had excellent offensive coaches around them.. cam had tons of experience weapons around him on offense and a line that was dominant. Tebow outplayed Cam on just as bad a team with coaches doing next to nothing to adapt to him.

You can ignore that but it's the reality..

And those players you mention were not Tebow.. they didn't dominate the toughest defenses in college for years. They played in an era without parity....

You can lump them all together because it looks similar but it isn't. Tebow has upside these guys don't... he was dominating off of raw ability.. also this is a different era.. those guys could have succeeded in this era too for that reason.. but not if they were screwed over and not given a real chance like Tebow has been...