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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Elway's motivation was the fact he didn't know how to build around Tebow. John Gruden has been studying spread offenses constantly to try to understand them fully and implement them.. he has gone to college teams to do this. Belichick has done the same. This is why McD drafted Tebow because he fit in Belichick's offense.

Do you think Elway has this knowledge? Does he even know how to get it? Do you think he would risk his future on tying himself to Tebow when he has no idea how to build around him?

Elway was afraid if he tied himself to Tebow the way McDaniels did he would risk going down too.. even though it really wasn't anything to do with Tebow but that was the perception.

So... to sabotage Tebow the first thing he did was get a coach he knew Tebow would look terrible with and would have no idea how to use Tebow.

He also gave Tebow ZERO help preparing for the first season to potential be the starter WHILE claiming Tebow was going to get the starting job. He also let Gaffney go who was Tebow's biggest supporter in the locker room - ex-Florida guy. Probably because Gaffney was a anti Orton guy as well.

Then training camp starts and because Fox's system is designed for Orton who they always wanted to start Tebow looks terrible in practice.. meanwhile they are flooidng the media with anti Tebow press and fueling the anti Tebow sentiment in the Bronco lockerroom. Making a environment ideal for the people who wanted to see Tebow start.. such as the receivers who are more concerned with their bank account than winning - like Lloyd.

Then Orton tanks and they move Lloyd... so Tebow has no veteran receivers, no training camp and Decker is limited raw and Demaryius Thomas is coming back from injury.

They moved the veteran receivers to ensure Tebow would have little chance of success... so he would tank that season and then they could use the resources they cleared to help them build around a QB they wanted in a system they understood the next season. It worked kinda.. only they picked a guy who isn't physically capable of surviving NFL playoff games anymore...

But Elway's goal is just to create the illusion of success anyway.... just to protect his job.. I don't think he really cares about winning.. it's not his priority. Winning to him is protecting his own future.. even if it's at the expense of the fans present.

You have been refuted.
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