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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Because Elway had no idea how to build around Tebow.. Elway had no clue what he was doing anyway... to give him such an unorthodox player is impossible for him to adapt to. He needed someone conventional at least. It was all about protecting himself.. so he threw Tebow under the bus.

I saw the same exact thing happen with Dirk Nowitzki... Avery Johnson had been made Dirk's head coach and at that time everyone said Dirk couldn't win a championship... Avery tried to force dirk to be a post player and threw him under the bus too... Avery got all the credit for the teams success Dirk got all the blame.. eventually Aveyr got fired... Dirk won a championshop,... then Avery got another job and was fired too. In both cases Elway and Avery couldn't adapt to the player who played unlike anything they were accustomed to. They didn't know how to develop them either.

Dirk was a 1 seed and lost to an 8 seed under Avery... Avery blamed him just like the Broncos blamed Tebow..

Both Dirk and Tebow revolutionized their positions and in both cases they said they couldn't be successful.
You still haven't answered the question. What was Elway's motivation for sabotaging Tebow? Saying he doesn't know what he's doing isn't the same is saying he was sabotaging him. Sabotage suggests he was actively trying to ruin Tebow. Explain specifically how Elway sabotaged Tebow and explain why he chose to.

Saying "because Dirk Nowitzki = Tebow" doesn't work for me.

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