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[quote]So you're saying your condition is cognitive dissonance?[quote]

Nope.. same cognitive dissonance that allowed Steve Young to be traded for a 2nd and 4th pick.

I predicted this would be the new angle clowns like you would choose, since Tebow's career is over, I predicted that his worshipers would claim he pioneered the offenses that Cam, Russell, and Robert are now running...
Like Steve Young's NFL career was over when he was traded for a 2nd and 4th and benched for years?

Orton's career isn't over....his career as a starter is. He has no one to blame but himself. It must pain you to know he'll still be on an NFL team years after Tebow is given his unconditional release.
You mean the Orton Tebow completely outplayed? You are making my point - cognitive dissonance.

No, Tebow gets blamed for not being able to accurately throw a football...he has struggled to do so his entire NFL career.....which may only last a few more months.
Yes... because NFL coached forced him to change his motion unnecessarily... simply because the Broncos line stunk.