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Default Yes, weather

As I remember the entire nation enjoyed a very mild winter last year. Well, where I live we are definitely making up for it. We haven't been above freezing since Jan. 1st and most often in single digits and teens. A ton of snow still on the ground.

Today we had freezing rain. I know those that live back East experience this often. I never have. Knew it was coming this morning so got up early and thought I'd catch the freeway before it got here. Noticed a couple of drop on the sidewalk when I went out to the car. No big deal. Pull out of the garage and a few drops of rain on the window. A few more develop and I turn on my windshield wiper. OMG, instant sheet of ice and I can't see a thing! Don't get on the freeway, thank heavens, 128 accidents. Slid to work. Come out, slip on the ice, get to my car and it's a literal ice cube. This whole thing was unbelievable to me.

But, going skiing tomorrow!!!!
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