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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
OK I will play some more.

Lets say we let Clady walk and decide to draft a brand spanking new kid to start at LT day one.

Lets move from looking at the CAP to the draft.

We draft at what #26 in each round right?

Clady was drafted 12th overall, Brandon Albert, drafted 15th overall, Joe Thomas 3rd over all, etc...

Who is going to be there for us in the late 20's to pick then start and play at a level equal or better to Clady?

In your world do the Broncos move up 10 spots to get a Tackle they like? How many picks does that move cost us?
Frankly I do not know I have not followed college ball for a long time and get my info about the players from the bowl games, the upcoming north south and then during the combine..

I have never alluded to being a draft guru, frankly I doubt John would care about my thoughts on it..

I'll let John and his scouting staff with input from the coaching staff make those decisions.. I doubt they want to hear from anyone on a forum any way..

it is above my pay grade as it is yours..

I have heard this is a very good year for OT's in the draft .

so you guess..

Not every starter has to be taken in the top ten.. I suspect there will be a couple available in the first three rounds.. with a decent selection at 28..

all of which will cost a third or less of what clady will get..
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