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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
There are your base numbers of the 50 players under contract for the next season.

Grand total base salaries for next year are 92,726,625 million dollars. I do think that number is high due to the fact I think added extra money when I figured it to Moreno's contract.

Clearly we are doomed and should shut the team down.
do you really beleive that we are going into teh season with what was practice squad player last year on the roster?

look I realize you do not like what I have been saying but, but I think we agree that if we started with 35 players a month ago under contract and we signed 17 because we actually have 52 players under contract for 2013 as we speak.. TWO do not have dollar values attached to them yet..

if we started with 35 solid players added 17 probably scrubs (all below normal player pricing ). we still have to draft at least six players and no doubt have a few UDFA as well as UFA coming.. what is left of that 21 million is going to go pretty fast..

that is IF Pat allows them to max out the cap this year..

Time will tell if John deems Caldy worth 12 million a year..

Myself I do not think he will..

BTW we have another 13 players with contracts expiring in 2013.. and other 19 going out in 2014..

so they may be looking at that long term stuff also when making the decision..
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