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Gaffney, you're posting the conclusion I already posted. This is all you have??

Where's the FEMA report that mentions 'demolition' or 'thermite'??

Only the uneducated and unqualified troofers, motivated by greed, invented the 'demolition' and 'thermite' story, a fairy tale that has been debunked repeatedly and years ago.

Your fellow con man, Gage has been outed and disowned by AIA, yet here you are, the organic gardener, spouting and speculating about things of which you have absolutely no knowledge.

You're a joke.

As usual, you chose to ignore the conclusions of the report that dealt with the twin towers. Why?

It's obvious, the report blows the troofer conspiracy bull**** out of the water.

From Chapter 8.

The large quantity of jet fuel carried by each aircraft ignited upon impact into each building. A significant portion of this fuel was consumed immediately in the ensuing fireballs. The remaining fuel is believed either to have flowed down through the buildings or to have burned off within a few minutes of the aircraft impact. The heat produced by this burning jet fuel does not by itself appear to have been sufficient to initiate the structural collapses. However,as the burning jet fuel spread across several floors of the buildings, it ignited much of the buildings’ contents, causing simultaneous fires across several floors of both buildings. The heat output from these fires is estimated to have been comparable to the power produced by a large commercial power generating station. Over a period of many minutes, this heat induced additional stresses into the damaged structural frames while simultaneously softening and weakening these frames. This additional loading and the resulting damage were sufficient to induce the collapse of both structures.[69]
Nice try, Gaffney.

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