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Bradley Roby

Taco isn't it about time to life ban this arse wipe?!? He contributes zero to the discussion and is solely here, as on all the boards he infests, to thump his 'Tebow is Lord God Almighty' spiel and cause as much disruption and controversy as he can.

That is his sole purpose.

I'm all for freedom of speech, but freedom to spew constant nonsense with ZERO redeeming value on such a board should have some limit ... somewhere don't we all think?

It was mildly entertaining in homeopathic doses last season, in the way that watching a train wreck in a fictional movie can be entertaining, but he has long ago outlived his shelf-life and welcome here, obviously.

Don't worry about McGruder, he will pop up on several other boards over night to feed the relentless beast that is his alter ego as Tebow's masked crusader!

Its off-season mode, either ban him or everyone else here should put him the ignore list en-mass.
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