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i know the true story. Heard the whole sorted detail from a friends neighbor who's kid works for a janitorial supply store who has an account for one of the hotels that was near the stadium.

Chucky paid 'star light' the big busted escort to whisper with a wink in Callahan's ear that Chucky knew his entire game plan and was ready for his running game. Now this freaked Callahan out, but he would have likely stayed the course anyway. But... Al Doofus who was secretly filming the whole thing for his kink library and had the audio allllll the way up. He already thought that the plan was to throw it 80 times. Image his surprise that not only was Callahan not going to be throwing it on every down... but Chucky was boasting to everyone that he was not only expecting the run but ready for it. The next day Callahan found one sheet of paper taped to his belly that read 'game plan' with three plays... all go routes.

There's more... but I probably shouldn't share anymore of this top secret info.
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