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D.J. Williams

Baba Booey....I'm hearing more changes on the staff. In addition to being OC...Coley could coach TE rather than QB. I heard Mario wants to coach the line do he could slide there and Art could get "promoted" to a job in the AD. I feel bad for him...dude is a the definition if a true
Cane but he is really old and not great at recruiting. Heard Steve Walsh wants in.. at QBs.

Or Carroll could be let go which I don't want. He hot us Sand land and is our West Coast recruiting guru. But it was suggested Al hired him as a favor to his Dad so that Pete would agree to let Fisch go from the Seahawks a few years ago as he was gonna promote him until we came calling. Fisch is no longer there obviously. I still would like to keep him.....he is a good recruiter.

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