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Hoe do you remotely think he is going to take 9.6. If anything it will be closer to 12 a year in cap hit.

Hell he turned down right at 10 a year last summer. IIRC five years for 45+ million. What makes you think he would not want a hell of a lot more?

As far as dj and Mayes yes you lose ten mil in salary. But you

ONE you have to replace both players as bodies not necessarily as LB but I'd guess losing at least brooking, dj and mayes they would add another lb or two to the roster.

So replacing a player is going cost you between 400 to 700 K EACH if they are role players. SO LET'S SAY A MILLION for the two. ( now that could be less if we just get bodies via UDFA. But not much less.

TWO The prorated bonus money has to be deducted from the upcoming cap. If I calculated this correctly that is close to 2 mil between the two.

So now instead of having all that 10 million to spend on Clady you really have something closer to 7.

Now I'm not trying to be him stile here. I just expect that folks be realistic.

If I'm wrong show me where I am. Back it up with facts not pipe dreams.
$9.6 Million would be the franchise tag amount. I had thought the 7.7 for DJ is subtracted from the cap with only the 1.7 bonus counting against the cap, meaning a $6 million cap savings to cut him. And Mays is closer to $4.. This is two less signed players, with about $10 million added to the cap, so if you draft a LB $400-$700k and the $9.6 tag for Clady.. This is essentially an even cap swap to at least keep Clady on the team and get a LB from the draft. Even roster and cap exchange essentially.

If you draft a LT, you may be saving loads of cap, but your using a first round draft pick, on not the same instant quality of a player. Lane Johnson is who your looking at come 28, he's not going to be as good as Clady year one. Or do you think so? Who's the free agent LT or draftee you would like? If you let Clady walk and you draft a LT instead of a MLB, other than saving money, how does that make the team better? You have no well thought out contingency plan but you are talking **** that we are dreaming for suggesting resigning him. In my Offseason Plan 1.0 on the draft forum, my only notable FA pick up was a cheap signing of Collie. And that's day dreaming!! Your something special.
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