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Your "truth" is subjective. That is not anything that concerns those of us that are intelligent.

tebow is under appreciated, I agree, but your version of events are ridiculous and inane.

You are very unaware of how deluded you are...its terrifying honestly.

Manning is a superior qb...arguing otherwise is retarded.

I do think Tebow can be successful as a qb, but I'm not so ridiculous that I would try to compare him favorably to manning.
We aren't talking about "Peyton Manning".. we are talking about an over the hill Peyton Manning...

He isn't Peyton Manning anymore.. and this isn't the league he was "Peyton Manning" in anyway... the game is changing.. it should have changed long ago..

Tebow is built for this new era and Peyton isn't.. that's the bottom line... problem is the coaches are like Peyton.. they are anachronisms too..