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Don't be an idiot. Palin made a vid about shooting wolves from a helicopter and another about slaughtering turkeys. She SOLD herself as Caribou Barbie. It was a persona she promulgated and profited from.
Pssshhhh. Take a look at Joe's new autobiography.

The President of Vice: The Autobiography of Joe Biden. In this scandalous memoir, America's favorite politician discusses his early years, before he became ultimate wingman to the leader of the free world. For the first time ever “Diamond” Joe discusses the formative experiences of his life, including his childhood selling hooch in Scranton, his years cruising college campuses picking up co-eds in a Del Rio, the grade-A tang he plowed in the summer of '87, and his "sweet ass gig" as Senator of Delaware.

Speaking of his own work, Vice President Biden says, "Amigo, you're just one click away from buying Uncle Joe's tell all autobiography. My sweetest guitar riffs, bustiest lays, wildest benders, and sexiest appropriation bills, it's all in there. You'll not only hear about me and my buddy Barack, but I guarantee you'll pick up some tricks that'll serve you well in the sack. Plus, I'm deep in the hole right now and really need the scratch."
And yes, I realize that this is a work of fiction. But seeings as how that hasn't stopped anyone else, I figured what the hell.

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