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Nevertheless, the Broncs just shat the dang bed dude. Pat Bowlen was doing a giggity-giggity dance when Manning signed, and one-and-done resulted. Bowlen was furious, why shouldn't fans be?
Being mad is one thing. Constantly bashing the team and its coaches are how cowboy/giants fans act. It's perfectly OK to question fox. I did. But what are we going to do? Fire him? Revolving doors are installed in ****ty teams offices.

The real situation here isn't about fox coaching. It's about bitterness some people have with fox and Elway cause they shipped out their hero. They had to bite their tongue the entire season and when a SB wasn't happening they jumped on the chance to bash this FO. Still crying about shipping out garbage.

Being upset that Fox had no balls is one thing. Being upset cause there's still bitterness is another.

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