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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
if you can work out a deal that is good with both parties, great. Sign it up and be done with it. If you can't make it happen, tag him and keep working on the deal before he hits the open market. No reason to just let him walk right now.

There are a couple other options:

non-exclusive franchise tag. We offer him the average of the top 5 players over the past 5 years (which would be lower than the exclusive tag), but would give Clady the option to negotiate with other teams. If someone else wants him that bad and we choose not to match, we would get two first round picks as compensation.

tag and trade. Hit him up with the franchise tag and then trade to whomever wants to deal with the negotiations.

IMO, these are things that rebuilding teams should consider. We are not in that camp. When you are building for a championship run, draft picks are less important than on-bard talent.
I had forgot about the non exclusive tag, that saves money or a roster spot and loads of cap money if he gets a better deal..

frankly I do not see him as the elite OLT that a few seem to think he is..

It will be interesting to see how the FO thinks on this..

I could be wrong as Hell on this and he just may be the second coming of Zimmerman.

But then if they do give him the keys to Pats House what do they use to sign the other players with..

for every guy they cut they have to replace them with a body and they are not free like so many here think..

unlike you I believe IF THEY ARE USED properly draft choices are more important than some players are..

for the most part if used proroperly they can indeed replace players fast.

one spot in particular is LB they can start immediately, may get beat from time to time, but if you have the right guy they should be a starter..

if the choice is correct the same should work for safety also.. has not worked for us lately but otehr teams seem to get it right..

I also believe that OL guys can step in and start day one.. again some growing pains as we saw with Walton, Beadles, Franklin and less so with Clady but we have proven the myth wrong about that..

Again unlike you I believe we are still rebuilding from the Mikey and Josh regimes.. John had brought in loads of one year contract guys, to fill the void while our kiddies earned their spurs..
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