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Francis Daytona

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
So running a couple trick option plays = revamping the O for Tebow? Again.. someone who takes what the media tells them as gospel when it's total BS.
Do you even watch football?

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
That isn't what I said nimrod...

My point is it doesn't matter if you run or pass.. the effect is similar... regardless of whether the crappy number evaluation system reflects it....

Also, having a high completion percentage isn't a good thing if it kills your run game.. which is why your silly completion % stat is totally meaningless.

Peyton had stellar numbers by conventional standards.. yet DelHomme went to the superbowl and Peyton didn't...
Mark Rypien won a superbowl, Dan Marino didn't. Strong logic, no wonder you are such a beacon of intellectual discourse.
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