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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
That isn't what I said nimrod...

My point is it doesn't matter if you run or pass.. the effect is similar... regardless of whether the crappy number evaluation system reflects it....

Also, having a high completion percentage isn't a good thing if it kills your run game.. which is why your silly completion % stat is totally meaningless.

Peyton had stellar numbers by conventional standards.. yet DelHomme went to the superbowl and Peyton didn't...
The effect isn't similar nimrod. On what planet does an effective pass game kill a run game? It may reduce the yardage by creating balance in the offense, but that yardage is made up for with the pass game. By your own admission, this is an acceptable trade off. Because run yards and pass yards (by your own statement) are interchangeable. Tebow cannot be leaned upon in the pass game....all professional evidence suggests this, college stats are not admissible in the professional scope (that's why Sage Rosenfels and Eric Crouch aren't in the HOF).

You know what....I'm going to take the Tombstone road. I am the fool for attempting to discuss with a person hell bent on being a nuisance above all else. I never once rooted against Tebow, I think he's a good kid. I do think he has failed as a professional QB...and there's nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can do it.

You though, I am done with you.
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