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Found this post in a thread about Brandon Williams while browsing other draft boards:

Originally Posted by KCDiehard88
Brandon and I attended the same school, Missouri Southern State University, the last 4 years. I have been able to watch every home game they have had the past 3 years (Brandon was out with back surgery all of my first year).

The number one thing that sticks out with him is his character. He is incredibly hard working and very humble. Over the summer he was sucking crap out of porta-potties and moving them around in 100 degree weather for several hours everyday before going into weights and conditioning. I attended a couple of those weights/conditioning sessions and he was by far the hardest worker. I don't want to take anything away from some of the other players, but he was busting his butt.

During the season his son was born in the early hours of the morning and then he drove to the game the following day, 3 hours away, for an early kick-off. Still started and played well on next to 0 sleep.

His physical ability is what stands out next. During the season he was playing around 320 pounds. He had 68 tackles, 16.5 tfl, 8.5 sacks, and a couple forced fumbles. He was routinely in the backfield making plays and did so from every spot on the line. He played everywhere from the 0-tech to the 5-tech and did so with great ability. He stopped the run, the rushed the passer, and he even dropped back into coverage (really speaks towards his athleticism) and deflected a couple passes/altered throwing lanes.

His athletic ability is amazing. Somebody mentioned Poe earlier and I think that Brandon will come close if not surpass those numbers. His feet are the quickest I have seen personally and when you just watch them you can't believe they are attached to that large of a human being. Obviously he is incredibly strong and carries his weight very well. I was caught of guard to see him weigh in at 341, but he wouldn't of gained that weight had it not been on purpose. He was working out in Texas for the last month preparing for the senior bowl. It wouldn't surprise me to see to see him run a forty under 5 or put up 225 40 times. The kid is just outstanding.

Teams will absolutely fall in love with him. He is a stand up guy, respectable, with a motor that doesn't stop. His work ethic is top notch and he will not take no for an answer. Growing up it was just him, his brother, and his mother. She was working two jobs, barely making anything and unable to feed her boys every night. Brandon talked to me about having to survive on crackers because that was the only thing they had. They even lived in a car for several weeks. He has a great respect for his mother and she is the reason he works so hard. He wants her to be taken care of and not have to work as hard as she does. She won't let him slack off, not because she is there to say something, but because he remembers, everyday, what she went through and it drives him to be the best. As I mentioned he also just had a son and he doesn't want his boy to go through what he had to.

Coming from DII there will be an adjustment period. He will look foolish and make mistakes because of the talent level increase. However he will make an impact in the NFL, he will make sure of it. I certainly would not bet anything against him. I just can't say enough positive things about him and I know I am slightly biased, but I promise you I would not say these things if I did not believe them to be 100% true. Watch this 2 minute video, a news story that the sports guy and a good friend of mine did while I was interning there.

I personally would take him in the 2nd round, maybe even late first. Poe went at #11 with next to 0 production and weak competition last year. Brandon has the production, the work ethic, the ability to do the same. His competition was just a little weaker.
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