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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
apologies - his cap hit for 2013 would be $250k if we cut him now.

If DJ does not make the final 2013 roster, his salary and bonuses would not be paid, and therefore would not hit the cap. All we would be on the hook for is the balance of his pro-rated signing bonus, which is $250k.
What is the other 1.4+ mil for listed on their site any ideas.

I read ON a pretty respect site at one time that we were on the hook for that 1.7 cap wise and when I saw it on their site I added to two together.

If yoi are correct with the 250k then yes we do indeed save 5.75 mil. By cutting him.

Nice to know that at least a few posters have a clue and do not get their panties In a wad when either called on something or asked to explain wher they got their numbers or info from.

thanks for the info
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