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I don't recall that. I'm pretty sure that was not the case because if you remember, Orton wasn't happy with the "new offense" and his numbers reflected that. Also, Brandon Lloyd wasn't happy either. Orton sucked. Enter Tebow.
No, I'm 99% sure he said they were keeping the system. I'm sure they tweaked some things, especially in overall game plan, but if anything, that was McCoy. I'm not sure how it could be branded a "Fox system" though.

If anything he might of imparted an overall philosophy on gameplan/playcalling. But he didn't bring in anything resembling his own offensive system, if such a thing exists. If he was using his own system in Carolina, he might want to blame that on someone else.

And IMHO Orton looked pretty equally terrible in his last few McDaniels game as he did in his first few McCoy games.