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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
The point is.. what if you remove the running attempt and instead insert a short yardage passing attempt in it's place and add those yards to the passing numbers and efficiency?

How many times did Orton pad his stats with short passing attempts? Same thing... Or screen passes.. Fox wouldn't let Tebow even use screens because they didn't fit in with his philosophy..

Even Elway admitted Tebow's numbers were down because he was told to throw deep so much.. that facilitated Fox's run heavy style..

You know what all those short passing attempts guys like Orton and Peyton use do to your run game? They kill it...
You don't get to pick and choose imaginary stats. You don't get to say, well if he passed when he ran obviously he would be completing those. That's not how the world works.

Quit pretending you know what you are talking about. Orton's yards per attempt were HIGHER than Tebow's, as was Peyton's.

Maybe you should go back to trying to claim that Tebow is as good as the Great Jake Delhomme. If it's one thing we want, it's another Jake Delhomme.

Or you could continue to go with the idea that Tebow is better than Manning despite every single piece of evidence telling you otherwise.

What is it about truth, it goes through 3 Phases correct?

How long are you going to sit in the denial phase?
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