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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
It was to the point where McGahee and Moreno were both injured... it wasn't at the end of the season this stat was brought up. The losing streak at the end due to injury probably changed this.. the point is an NFL channel analyst was the one who pointed it out - not I.

And of course running changes things. If you are running to get first downs rather than throwing it definitely negates passing percentage.. so do things like yards per attempt etc.

The point is Fox's system put up low numbers for Del Homme yet he went to the superbowl. It's the system...
You don't have a goddamn point.

I used ot hink you were I think you are just dumb.

the only passing statistic affected by running the ball is passing attempts....that's it. Completion % is based on how often the ball you passed is caught by another member of the team. If you run....there is no attempt. If there is no attempt...there is no catch/incompletion. Without those two things, there can be no Passing %. The fact that he has such a low% spits in the face of your claim he is the efficient QB. 63% of the time he threw the ball....something negative happened.

You are dumb

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