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How stupid are you? Running doesn't negate passing percentage, rushing the ball isn't recorded as a passing attempt whack job. You could try to say it negates the difference in pure yardage production, but that still puts Tebow 25 yards per game behind Jake.

Keep digging....maybe eventually your ass will produce a valid point. I doubt it though. You are just here for the attention...apparently the Jets forums were smart enough to get rid of you and you've come slithering back here to troll.
It was to the point where McGahee and Moreno were both injured... it wasn't at the end of the season this stat was brought up. The losing streak at the end due to injury probably changed this.. the point is an NFL channel analyst was the one who pointed it out - not I.

And of course running changes things. If you are running to get first downs rather than throwing it definitely negates passing percentage.. so do things like yards per attempt etc.

The point is Fox's system put up low numbers for Del Homme yet he went to the superbowl. It's the system...

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