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I've always been opposed to the idea but, secretly, this is a day I've been waiting for for a LONG time.

Let's progress through this logically:

All MOSs in the military do the same PT standard. Males have their standards defined by age then females have their standard defined by age. There is no MOS special PT tests in the military. Now, you get promotion preference by doing better than your peers on your PT test. Before, a woman could do, say, 35 pushups but get more promotion points than a guy that did the same job but did 50 pushups. If men and women are going to be held to a single standard, how can you defend giving women preferential treatment for promotion? This will actually widen the gaps because probably 75% (an estimate) of women probably cannot meet the male standard for the PT test. Sure, GI Jane exists, but what about GI Secretary?

Beyond the fact that I think a few women just F'd over their sex as a whole, I fear for the ramifications. In my job, it was fairly simple to replace someone. That was convenient because out of 6 females we had, a single one made it to our deployment without getting pregnant. Every unit goes through this. Women love to be soldiers during peacetime then mothers during wartime. Again, some don't but MANY do get pregnant to avoid deployments. Plugging a soldier behind a computer is one thing but what about when this starts devastating fire teams that rely on each other to stay safe?

And as for those saying strength should be disregarded because we're tech based now, I can build a computer from spare parts and do some low level programming. Does that mean I qualify for SF or Navy Seals? I see the number of women that even GET to advanced training being tiny (the number that pass microscopic) but those are women that can probably take care of themselves. The ones that just got F'd hard are the average women.

They're either equal or they're not. You can't have two ranks of women - the butch and the beautiful..
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