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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Well someone has to knock on the commune door every now and again and remind you guys there's a whole other world out there.
That is hardly what you do.

I don't dislike Joe Biden. And at the end of the day my vote had nothing to do with Joe or Sarah. Neither did yours.
Speak for yourself. There was no way in Hell I would have ever voted for McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan, but I can assure you that Biden being the VP candidate on the DEM ticket was very appealing to me. He was who I supported in the 2008 primary process.

This is just a silly game we play to make ourselves feel better about a decision we already made for other reasons. But I don't think there's any call to be disrespectful to your opposition. Even if they don't meet your own obviously lofty standards.
Pointing out that Sarah Palin was not fit to be anywhere near the White House is not being disrespectful. It is pointing out the obvious. Anyone who paid attention during that campaign knows that.

The more we devolve into open disrespect and animus, the more broken the process becomes. Compromise is still necessary. But that's pretty tough if you've convinced yourself that those who don't agree with you are subhuman.
Hard to compromise with people as bat**** crazy as Palin.
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