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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
See how you just make stuff, no one has mentioned in this thread that women are "technologically inferior".
I didn't make stuff up, I'm pointing out that modern warfare is primarily waged technologically, and so there is little basis for keeping women out of combat unless you think they are inferior to men in that capacity. Context.

I'm saying a woman could not pass the physical requirements to become a Navy Seal or menber of the Delta Force but I'm sure pressure will be applied to make women members of these units.
Like Dukes said, if a woman can go through the same training as a man, she should be allowed to serve. I don't buy your premise that there is no woman on the face of the Earth who could pass those requirements. They'd be rare, admittedly, but they should have the right to serve in that capacity if they have the desire and ability.
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