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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Well peace keystone pipeline back on now that nebraska has a new route. Let's see how important jobs are to Obama. IMO his policies cost us jobs. I still don't see anything from him that creates a lot of jobs. What will gun control and gays marrying do for jobs? What will more taxes do for jobs?
Whoa whoa - his policy cost up jobs? You're gonna have to be more specific then that my friend. That to me sounds like a blanket statement that the person saying it has no idea of what the policies are and is just saying something to look smart and opinionated.

First off - congress vetoed every jobs bill Obama put in place all in hopes that he would come off looking bad, that the unemployment would not go up. So we can thank Congress plenty for a prolonged lack of job creation. Secondly, there are only so many jobs the president and congress could even make. Everybody always wants to blame the president like he has some magic wand and can create jobs on the fly if he wants to. Let's get real. Third, your repub friends want to keep policy as it is so that companies can continue to get tax credits for shipping jobs over seas where they labor is dirt cheap. Yeah, that does alot for creating jobs. And how about Detroit. Your guy wanted to let the whole thing go down the drain, including millions of jobs. Fine, not saying switch parties but don't be so GD blind about this stuff. I'm not saying Obama is perfect but president but who was. You think if John McCain had been in the white house there would be millions of new jobs all of a sudden, cmon man, don't be stupid.

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