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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
And this is the kind of left-wing garbage I've spoken of on this thread and elsewhere. The left have established ideological litmus tests to be considered "authentically female," and one of those is being a radical feminist. I am not, thus I am either secretly a male, or I am a "self-hating woman."

The left, of course, do the same with blacks. Alan Keyes is a conservative, therefore he is not "authentically black." To be considered "authentically black," one must be left-wing in political outlook and be a member of the Democratic Party or another politically party to the left of the Democrats.

This from a bunch of people who claim they don't like being labeled and defined by others and want people to have the freedom to define themselves.

Pass the d'oh.

Know what's even funnier? These emasculated self-loathing pseduo-men are on a football forum, rooting for a team on a league neither of which (rightly) allows female players. Even funnier than that is that the team they love, the mighty DENVER BRONCOS, is owned and operated by Republicans, including our splendid HOF starting quarterback. Ain't that a b****?!

Of course I know to not bother expecting ideological or moral consistency from the left. That is, after all, one reason I quit being left-wing.
Goddamn, you are truly bat-**** crazy. You ARE the drama llama
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