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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
BS those things are studying BS. Movies and violent games? Sorry that is freedom of speach its up to parents to keep that from kids not the govt.

Yeah they want to study the BS side of gun violence. The suicide, where the gun came from, and not just the fact they let felons back on the streets to commit more crimes.

The problem with the CDC studying guns to come up with better gun control is that the govt should not be spending our money to come up with a way to infringe on our rights to own guns. The money should all be spend keeping criminals in prison. That is how they would make us safer.

More and more money to keep people locked up. Then reform prisons to make them all hard labor.
In simple terms, the CDC is supposed to study:

1. Causes of gun violence
2. How to prevent guns from being used in crime

That you oppose those two lines of study is stupid.

None of that is aimed at infringing on rights.
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