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Monte Ball

Originally Posted by hookemhess View Post
It was basically the steroid era. They were all ****ing doping. Put an asterisk next to them if you want, but he won those damn races.

And then he parlays his fame into fighting the disease that nearly killed him. The LIVESTRONG Foundation has raised more than $470M.

Lance Armstrong is an American hero.

Lance Armstrong is the biggest douche bag in America.

That man sued a lady that happened to be in a hospital bed next to him and over heard him giving the list of Roids that he was on before he went in for surgery.

He took her for everything including her car. I will add that the lady never offered the info, she got summonsed to court.

I will also say he had gotten off by this time so he did it out of spite.

I don't get some people, Frank Gore gets fined 10,500 bucks because he doesn't pull his socks over his knee's and most of you are like rules are rules but this man shoots up roids to win a race and he is an American hero ?

You know I was fine with him and the Roids I could careless about biking . To do that to another human is just heartless.
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