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How much of combat comes down to pure brute strength?
It shouldn't take a genius to figure out that one thing soldiers learn is hand to hand combat for if and when they find themselves isolated among the enemy. If you don't women there will be subject to being totally dominated and likely dismembered after being repeatedly sexually savaged, you need to lay off the crack pebbles. This lack of physical strength on the part of women also endangers men near them. Women cannot physically fend off attackers on a battlefield, and in such scenarios you can most likely expect multiple attackers. You're going to get everyone killed.

I go to gym regularly and I have a weight program, and in spite of that I am still not as strong as a male coworker of mine who is a couch potato. The sooner liberals face reality, the better. Egalitarian narratives are not realistic and never have been.

Radical feminists never have and do not speak for all women. If they really believed that women have a right to choose, then we'd also have a right to choose whether or not these radicals have the right to push their agenda in OUR name, rather than attacking us as "self-haters" for not towing their line.

At least you admit that women are lacking, that's progress. Yes, "kicking ass" as you fantasized does indeed involve brute strength. Perhaps next you'll confront your obvious bloodthirst in seeing people you disagree with physically assaulted. I won't bet on it, though. Liberals are too convinced of their own pacifistic righteousness even while they call for those they don't like to be executed and knifed to death. They also tend to enjoy spending their free time on Twitter talking about how "the NRA should be shot."
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