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I think a strong comparison would be the NFL (not for ladies). There will never be a woman make the active roster of any NFL team with the exception of a kicker or punter. There is not a woman on earth that I would trust to protect Manning’s blind side.

Certainly there are rolls for women in battle but never in elite forces such as the Navy Seals or the Army's Delta Force.
There are not roles for women in battle, period. Ever. Women are not as strong as men regardless of how many reruns of GI Jane or Wonder Woman they've been watching. This is all radical feminism shoving its radical agenda down everyone's throats and if you resist you're branded either a sexist pig or a self-hating female. They're kicking down doors because the doors are simply THERE, not because they should be kicked down.

Since the Democratic Party has lost it's old white blue collar base, they're about pandering to left-wing social revolutionaries and minority voting blocs and little else. This is part of the process of pandering to left-wing social revolutionaries.
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