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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Well if this thread proves anything, one man's innate racism is another man's "foot in the mouth from time to time." Read back. Why were you guys so hard on one questionable sentence posted in this thread, yet pooh pooh numerous examples of the same thing (only worse) from one of your guys as "Lovable ol' Uncle Joe puttin' his foot in his mouth again"
Context, Beavis. Clearly you're not a fan of it. nyuk nyuk claimed the first lady's actions somehow matched up with certain stereotypes regarding "black females." When questioned about those comments, nyuk nyuk refused requests to clarify any further and stood by the initial statement, then started just plain lying about what she and others had said. Biden actually apologized for his statement, and nothing he has done or said before or since that statement lends credibility to the idea that he's a racist. Nice try though.

That's pretty textbook "Intellectually dishonest"
On your part, yes. It's tempting to drop the "intellectually" since you do it so often.

Anyway, I'm glad you mentioned Couric, since it reminded me of this.

And if I remember right, good ol' Uncle Joe prefaced this "history lesson" with a comment about how important it was to have a VP who knew what he was talking about.
According the McCain staffers, Palin could not name one country in the Axis Powers. Thought Africa was a country. Didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was. And on and on. And, you continue to ingnore the fact that the opinion that Palin was not fit intellectually to be VP or (god forbid) POTUS was damn near ubiquitous. Dozens of prominent Republicans came to share and express that opinion. Biden, meanwhile, is well respected on both sides of the aisle. But keep pretending they are the same. It only makes you look evermore foolish.

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