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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
I've always respected Lance until recently, and it has nothing to do with doping. The guy is a genuine sociopath.
I respected his achievements from an athletic point of view, with or without drugs, what he did was something that few others could have done - I have seen some of those mountains they go up and I am certain I couldn't even if given all the drugs in the world make it up one of those on a bicycle.

I have never respected him as a person, he had the holier than though attitude going and through all the rumors about PEDs the way he handled the situation and the people around him who got caught was despicable. The primitive part of me is happy to see him crash and burn and see his name removed from all record books. He is clearly an incredibly driven person who doesn't seem to have the empathy to interact with people and deal with others and his own shortcomings.

The sport as a whole is rotten and he was far from the only one who did PEDs, but that just excuse his behavior and lying when faced with allegations and the way he knowingly defrauded people.
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