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Bmore Manning

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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
yet you have two less players on the roster..

you still have to pay them when you sign them and at minimum they get about 400k..

so Even if your roughlys are near correct you do not have enough to cover cladys 12 million a year including prorated bonuses.. just doing rough math you are close to 3 million short..

I take it you learned the new math?
No prick, I thought we talked about your insults before, yet you continue.

We can TAG Clady at a $9.6 cap hit. We can draft a LB and pay him $400K.. That's $10 million... With 2 new players under contract.

Minus DJ $6 and Mays $4 which EQUALS $10. It means we would have the same cap with the same amount of players signed.. DO YOU FOLLOW?

I guess you have learned a new language.
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