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My guess is he has to get a ring while Manning is here. If he goes all conservative and one and done again next year ( assuming we are in a similar playoff position to last) he might just be done next year. But probably he is here for all of Mannings run.

After all, look how well the Chargeless have done since they dumped Marty after a 14-2 season , but playoff loss. That's worked out REAL well for them.
A closing window was slowly, but completely, shut with Norv taking over. Supposedly he is a great OC, yet the team declined every year.

We have a new OC and despite the misgivings most have about Fox and conservative plays, I think the play calling will be more agressive next year.
McCoy being gone is going to be a plus. I have to assume that the coaching staff and Elway are as aware of the problem areas ( OL, DT, LB, RB that can POUND the Defense, CB/Safety, and KICKER) as anyone here. They will definitely do their best to address these. With better weapons the play selection should open up, not continue at the same level.

If bad coaching costs us another playoff exit early next year, Elways decision to throw the whole teams future on Manning will be in danger of being made out as a bad decision. He will not let that continue, and some heads will roll, and/or responsibilities be changed.

The Broncos wasted an enormous opportunity this year, and the motivation to get past that will be impressed on everyone. Use the past and move into the future, or get gone is the theme.
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