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let me add I have said this many times

dream was correct about me not liking clady mostly because he came from a small school and played NO ONE while in school..

Originally I saw it as just one more mikeys Wild Assed Guesses on draft choices and we all know how many of them we have had..

nothing wrong with that..

I have also said that I was surprised that he turned into a very good OLT and had great couple of season UNTIL his dinged his Knee and since then his performance has been less that Elite ..

let me add that dream was having orgasms about this kid so that also fuels the fire in his hate for me..

I just do not see him as being as great as some of you think he is..

he is good but flawed in his run game and as many others on here have noticed he struggles a bit with speed rushers..

Again IF John and John think he is wrth teh money and can find it fine with me..

I just do not think it will happen..
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