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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Let me do this slowly it is not who replaces DJ as LB it is whoever replaces these guys on the roster, have to be paid also.. if they are vets it is about 700K minimum per body if it is a rookie type nontenured guy probably about 400K..

Just cutting someone does not mean that you do not have to replace the guy, all is does is remove some of the value of his contract not ALL IS free money..

plus when you do cut someone their FULL prorated bonus money comes due excepting roster bonus, which is obvious since one has to be on the roster at a certain time to get it..

Now I trust that John E and company have better numbers than the rest of us have access to, and so far John excepting Mayes has made some damned fine decisions, so IF they decide that he is worth the money so be it..

But the numbers I see and the low ball offer they made last year gives me the indication they do not feel he is worth elite money..

Which he no doubt will get from someone that needs him worse than we do.. I understand that many have their panties in a wad about OLT having to be the best, but I just do not see clady the same as y'all seem to think he is..
did you miss the part above where I mentioned accelerated bonus counting against the cap? cutting DJ would cost $500k in dead money. That's it.
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