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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I used to work in a bank. The federal regulators come once a yr to check all your forms and paperwork, crawl through computers and interview certain employees about bank policy and compliance with federal law.

So Fed how many times a yr do you think the govt should bother legal American businessman trying to make a living selling gun and ammo?
Once a year seems like a good place to start. The current average is once every 17 years -- effectively never.

So you want more money for the ATF because you think that would make us safer? Can you elaborate how that would make us safer?
You don't think making sure gun dealers are not selling to criminals, people obviously unfit, etc. will improve things? Again, this is just current law, not being enforced, that you seem perfectly happy to have continue.

The reason the ATF is infringing is because they want to run studies about gun violence through the CDC that will end up being used to promote gun control law.
Nice story. Any evidence?

Govt agencies are tasked with enforcing law and shouldn't be used to take away our freedoms given to us under the constitution.
Again, what rights are being violated by the ATF? The ATF is an ENFORCEMENT agency, not a governing body. You do know what enforcement means, right?

The only think the ATF should be doing is trying to crack down on big time gun running and smuggling. They were trying but their methods were shoddy police work.

i don't see why anyone would want to give that agency more money. We saw Waco, we saw fast and furious, it seems like they always fail in their mission.
Maybe they'd have their **** together if they, you know, had real leadership instead of a part time director.
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