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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
The reason I deleted the thread I started on Clady is because lonestar acted like a petulant !@#$%^&* continuously bickering with people just for the Hell of it. Over a dozen posters on this board have shown him the # of players we have under contract or came up with scenarios where the Broncos can fiddle with their roster and cap (as they have in years past) in order to retain Clady, re-sign UFA, RFA, ERFA and our draft class -- yet he continues to troll and spew nonsense whenever he feels it is appropriate.

The bottom line is this: Lonestar never liked the Clady selecton (despite not watching college football) because he came from Boise State and he questioned the level of competition he faced. [He also called Elvis Dumervil a short midget, who wouldn't ever last in the pros.] Unfortunately, in five years with the Broncos -- Clady has started every game, made 3 Pro-Bowls and been named All-Pro twice. Obviously his worse season was in a shortended off-season due to an injury, but he came back and proved his worth this year.

To even try and suggest that the Broncos would rid themselves of one of their best players on the team just to replace him with a rookie LT is absolutely ludicrous. Furthermore, saying that LT isn't as important to our team because we have Manning is one of the most stupid football takes ever espoused on the Orange Mane.

I'll take this time to reply just once..

POOR DREAM had his feelings hurt in his thread because I DARED to reply in it so I seemed like he wanted to shrink his balls and run for cover.. by deleting the thread..

speak of trolls your one of the kings of it..

most of your posts are tee hee hee giggling like a little girl one line responses..

It seem that just because I do not hold Clady to the same level you do, that you feel my posts are trolling..

All I asked in your thread was show me the money.. at least a few good poster s in this thread have attempted to do so and some make damned good sense, unlike your whining in here..

If you do not like what I have to say, refute it and stop pissing and moaning about poor dream and how I pick on him..

I've had you on IGGY most of my posting days because you are a troll following ME from forum to forum.. Unlike your comments to the contrary and when I was a mod and had to ban you repeatedly form your behavior you seem to never GOT IT.. it is you and not the rest of the forum that was at fault..

Yes I got banned after I was fired as a MOD but it was because I choose to defy the direction the forum was going nothing more nothing less..

So now back to iggy for you as I choose not to see your silly whiny posts..
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