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i'd like to see numbers on something like how many of our gun homicides were commited by someone who had already been in prison before that, for another felony etc etc. I bet you would find if we just didn't let these people back out we would be a lot safer fed.

But hey go ahead and stop me from owning a rifle with a collapsable stock, a scope and a flash suppressor. yeah like that will make us safer in any ****ing way. No way can come up with a same argument. A Ruger ranch .223 without all those bells and whistles can compete with any .223 assault rifle. They are both semi auto, they both fire a .223, they both can hold the same clip.

Explain to me how an assault weapons ban will make us safer Fed i would love to hear you stammer about trying to do so. Start with the fact over 90% of gun deaths are from handguns.

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