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Also fed i would be all for stricter laws on guns. I'm just against bloated fed agencies that don't do their jobs well. Also i am against stricter laws for law abiding citizens. That is crazy to target legal gun owners instead of the problem.

Do we get crazies who take a legal gun and go off shooting people? yes we do but i don't think there is any laws you can make to stop that. You have to target crimnals not law abiding citizens. Targetting the people who are following the law is insane.

i'd rather see the ATF put trackers in guns that don't actually work. Then sell them off in a place like Chicago. The fact is most criminals fire their guns 3-4 times in the guns lifetime so i bet it would be awhile before they figured out something wrong with the gun. You could scoop them up right after just like drugs.

make the new laws about 20 yrs to life for felons caught with guns. If its your first offense or your not a felon yet then now you are, give them maybe 3 yrs in prison.

Change the prison system from a sit around and waste taxpayer money into a hard labor prison that benefits society and teaches criminals how to work.

But 10 million so the CDC can study gun violence and its effects on our health? Give me a break i can tell you that already. It's bad for our health when we get shot.
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