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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
plus, there are at least 4 guys out of this 50 that, IMO, are unlikely to be on the 2013 roster at their given salaries:

DJ Williams: $6M
Joe Mays: $4M
Caleb Hanie: $1.25M
Andre Caldwell: $900k

in dead money, cutting these guys could cost:
DJ: $500k in accelerated signing bonus
Mays: $333k
Hanie: $0
Caldwell: $100k

so, cutting these 4 guys saves roughly $11.2M.
These are 4 that I agree should be cut! When I proposed that to him, that the savings of Mays and DJ cover Clady's franchise tag, worst case scenario. He goes off on tangents about who replaces them and blah blah blah. Yet we have our DJ replacement in Trevethan, and the Mays replacement is still TBD. It's not as dire as he makes it out to be.
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