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Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post

Almost all of that wasn't against the rules at the time he did it.

Dude overcame cancer and beat others who did the same damn thing.
Youre ****in stupid. Most of those were banned and Lance is on record, under oath, saying that had he been caught getting blood transfusions not only would he be banned from the sport but also arrested. Arrested! It was against the law!

And the argument that EVERY rider was doping is such an ignorant statement that it almost doesnt warrant response.
There were so many riders who were clean and trying to feed their families just like Lance. I have a feeling if you were one of those guys, you might have a different opinion right now.
But I get the attitude that so many people have these days.. Get yours at all cost and trample who ever dares stand in your way.

And I wont even get into questionable practices of the Livestrong Organization. But its just a witch hunt, right Lance?
I prey this guy gets sued into bankruptcy which is very ****in likely, especially since people are starting to dig deeper now into Livestrong.
But youre wealthy now arent you lance? And youre probably thinking to yourself that it was worth it. Because honestly, maybe it was. You never would have been sh*t without dope. No one would know your name.
Everyone does now.. and they will always think of you as a fraud. Your children, and the 3 wives you cheated on will all see you that way too. But you got yours Lance. Ill give you that.
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