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Settle down draft kiddies. Everyone here takes the draft pretty seriously. None of us are professionals. We just happen to enjoy football. That being said, what pricejj said about Star was way off. As far as Teo goes -- despite all this he is going to be a first round guy. At the start of the season I believed he was a Top 15 lock because he was one of the top returning prospects, but he never lived up to those expectations and this whole dead girlfriend thing is going to hurt him through the interview process.

FWIW, nobody here knows everything or has opinions on all the prospects. I literally have a list of about ~ 40 guys (McDaniels style!) I've looked at (WR, RB, LB and DL the most) this year who I think would be good fits for the club or turn out to be good pros. You guys could watch the same things as me and come up with a different opinion.

It happens.
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